About Us

Company History

EVERYBOT is the robot cleaner manufacturer in Korea and was established in January, 2016. EVERYBOT has developed and upgraded robot cleaner technologies. Based on previous technology, patens and quality control system, EVERYBOT launched RS500 and the latest RS700, the robot dual-spin mop cleaner in February, 2016. EVERYBOT will suggest new ideal products continually by studying the inconvenience and discomfort of daily life from new perspectives. Looking forward to new changes of EVERYBOT.

Visions and Futures

EVERYBOT will introduce new products continually by own technology and new idea. In addition, EVERYBOT will develop new high-end cleaners to lead the market trend and service the convenience and freedom to customers by creativity and innovation. By launching the high-end robot mop cleaner and vacuum cleaner in Year 2017, EVERYBOY will be the specialized cleaner manufacturer. EVERTBOT will be Number 3 by Year 2020.


Most engineers including CEO in R&D center have 10 years’ experience for developing the robot cleaners and have 15 cases of development and design patents. They are developing new technology and are applying new patents at the moment. Also, EVERYBOT is establishing the global standard in not only product development but also quality control/manufacturing system. And, have the technical and human resource/system to cooperate with the global brand company.

2016 Plus X Award


Category: Design, easy of use, and functionality at EDIA Society Networks in EU

AA Concept LLP


We are a Singapore based import and export company mainly dealing with robotic cleaning equipment for more than 8 years.